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International Recruitment

Prime56 is your go-to source for international recruitment, particularly for individuals looking for various skilled and unskilled job opportunities. We make sure to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of available positions at the time of your application. Our recruitment and selection processes are meticulously designed to match the specific needs and standards of our international partners. This ensures that we connect the right individuals with the right opportunities, contributing to a successful and fulfilling professional journey.

Our specialization lies in identifying and deploying dedicated talent from Africa to meet the workforce demands of organizations in Europe and North America. We bridge the gap between skilled professionals and job vacancies abroad, offering a seamless and reliable path for candidates to pursue their ambitions and for organizations to find the qualified workforce they need.

Our Offerings:

For Candidates

For Employers

  • The requirements are listed below:

    • Background checks and verification of candidate application form, credentials, and health
    • International
    • Resume/CV
    • Cover letter/Motivation letter
    • Proof of English Language
    • Proof of funds
    • Two written    references     (one    academic    reference,     one professional/work reference).
    • Two-stage face-to-face
    • Police clearance
    • Tuberculosis
    • International passport

At Prime56, we're committed to providing a comprehensive and tailored recruitment solution to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our extensive array of services ensures a hassle-free and effective recruitment process:

  1. Tailored Recruitment Strategy:
    • We work closely with your organization to develop a recruitment strategy that aligns with your specific needs. Whether you're seeking healthcare professionals or skilled workers from Africa, our approach is customized to match your industry and sector requirements.
  2. Highly Skilled Candidate Sourcing:
    • We specialize in identifying and recruiting highly qualified applicants from Africa. Our extensive network and expertise allow us to find the most suitable candidates for your organization.
  3. Rigorous Screening Process:
    • To guarantee the highest quality candidates, we employ a rigorous screening process. This includes a two-stage interview process, which assesses not only the candidates' qualifications but also their cultural fit with your organization.
  4. Orientation and Preparation:
    • Recognizing that seamless integration of new team members is crucial, we provide comprehensive orientation programs. These programs instill the essential character traits expected of healthcare professionals or other skilled workers within your organization.
    • Our goal is to ensure that candidates arrive prepared, motivated, and fully aligned with your organization's values and goals.
  5. Post-Arrival Support:
    • Our support extends beyond the initial placement. We understand that the success of your new recruits is an ongoing process. Therefore, we offer post-arrival support, including follow-up sessions, to facilitate a seamless transition and integration into their new roles.
    • We ensure that any challenges or questions are addressed promptly, fostering a positive working experience for both the employer and the new employee.
  6. Customized Recruitment Packages:
    • We offer flexible recruitment packages designed to suit your specific needs and budget. Our team will work with you to create a solution that maximizes your recruitment success while minimizing administrative burdens.

With Prime56, you can trust that your recruitment efforts are in capable hands. We are dedicated to delivering a recruitment experience that is both efficient and effective, ensuring that you have access to the qualified professionals your organization deserves. Your success is our priority, and we are committed to making the process of finding, recruiting, and retaining top talent from Africa a seamless and rewarding journey.
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