Welcome to PRIME56

We're all about connecting talent with opportunity in the fields of education and other industries. Our story begins with a recognition of the challenges in Africa's education and job market. We see the struggles of students trying to get into universities and graduates facing unemployment, and we're here to make a difference.

PRIME56 is on a mission to support students, recent grads, and experienced professionals in achieving their career goals. We provide services like career advice, help with internships, and guidance for studying abroad.

Our bigger vision is to contribute to global goals like improving health and education (Goal 3 and Goal 4), creating jobs and economic growth (Goal 8), and building partnerships for progress (Goal 17).

We also offer international recruitment services, partnering with reputable organizations in Europe and North America to help African candidates find great opportunities.

But that's not all - if you're looking for impactful keynote speakers for your events, we've got you covered. We can help you source dynamic speakers around the world to make your events unforgettable.

We are committed to diversity and Inclusion.

Our Success Stories